Saturday, 17 March 2007


DAY 17: Lunchtime Report
The Hope & Anchor, Midford

Second pub of the day - Rich & I managed a swift Butcombe at the Fox & Badger at Wellow and were very good chaps and strode on magnificently along National Cycle Route Number 24 to Midford for our second (real) lunchtime stop. A rather good pint of Bath Ales Gem at the moment waiting for some deep fried Camembert and chunky chips. Us boys need to keep our strength up as we are being taken out in Bath tonight.

The weather is just gorgeous; cool breezes and warm sunshine with fluffy white clouds. My feet are still aching, but it is a shorter day today and a day off tomorrow, so that should sort them out.

Ooh - Another pint of Butcombe has arrived for Ricky the Rock - so I will help him out with it.

A nice enough pub but it could be anywhere within thirty miles of here - Identikit middle class customers with their Viyella shirts and fleecy tops, talking about how they are definitely improving education - well, they seem to be doing well out of it, anyway.

A family in the corner: the husband hiding behind his newspaper, the wife (very) overweight and bored. Nice rosy cheeked daughter looking bored to death. No-one has spoken to each other over lunch. They are getting to the bottom of huge multi-coloured ice-creams, but not enjoyed one minute. Has England come to this?

Richard suggests we should separate the three of them and drop them in different continents, and only let them back after a year. He thinks it would make a world of difference.

I don't know if I would let them back in.

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