Saturday, 17 March 2007

DAY 16: Street to Radstock

Today: 21.6 miles
Total so far: 255.0 miles
Percentage completed: 15.3%


(Click map to enlarge)

Perhaps we stayed in the pub at Croscombe slightly too long - but this was Rich's first Lejog lunchtime pub and he felt he needed to sample the pleasure in a leisurely fashion. We left after a moderate two hours or so to scale the Mendips.

It was getting quite dark by the time we slipped into Midsomer Norton, which was okay except that Rich had booked us into a smart B&B in Radstock. By the light of headtorch we rifled our way across the valley to Radstock to finally hit the target at 7:30pm, with incredibly achy feet.

Lying on the bed I knew I needed to shower, get the socks and pants washed, rehydrate, phone Lynnie and sort out the maps for tomorrow. It was just all too much for my feet! My whole body seems to be connected to them!

Looking back over the day - we had great but differing weather all day, lovely views of Glastonbury Tor, went hippy-spotting in Glastonbury over tea in a cafe, and trudged once more over the Levels. A very varied day with a great (but slightly sideways) bloke who always has me in stitches.

As I type this my feet still ache over four hours after I stopped walking. Rich is doing a great impression of Quasimodo, so all is well with the world.

I picked up my first blister of the trip today on my right heel.

Rich's Sally met us at the B&B and Lynnie is waiting for us at Bath. I am looking forward to my day off to rest the feet and repair the blister (only a small one)

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