Thursday, 29 March 2007

DAY 29: Llanymynech to Froncysyllte

Today: 18 miles
Total so far: 441 miles
Percentage Completed: 26.4%


(Click map to enlarge)

Just 18 miles but with 1100m of ascent, so quite a day. The climbs and descents on Offa's Dyke tend to be of the short sharp shock variety, and they did just that. Still, I made it okay, in enough time to walk over Telford's amazing aqueduct, before doubling back to the B&B.

On the way over to Chirk Castle, I could swear I could see the Pennines in the far north east, still quite a few days away as I am heading north west for the next few days.

With no pubs at lunchtime, it was a workmanlike walking day, but the views are wonderful. I was not sure what to expect from Offa's Dyke, but it is wonderfully crafted walk; no two days are the same and the variety is refreshing. The path is not over-used and so you have good earth and grass beneath your boots rather than the sludge of the more commonly walked National Trails.

It is well way-marked and not overgrown with brambles. The only slight criticism would be the amount of barbed wire that the farmers feel obligated to erect, just to make you feel totally welcome - but that could be said for any part of the English and Welsh countryside (not Scotland though!)

Still having a good time, a slightly easier day tomorrow to look forward to.

If anyone out there wants a swimming pool in their back garden just call my brother (the one with the hair) He's a dab hand at water divining.


  1. Hi Alan,
    tomorrow (friday) you will come close to the World's End. Don't go over the edge of the world.

  2. No pub!

    Chin up Alan - there's always tomorrow


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