Friday, 9 March 2007

DAY 9: Round-up

DAY 9: Rest Day Round-Up

This is a look back over the last eight days to catch those little things that were missed at the time.

With Cornwall rapidly coming to an end now (Does this station stop at this train?) a lady asked me in the fish restaurant at lunchtime which bit of Cornwall I had enjoyed the most.

Was it the rugged magnificence of Land's End & the Lizard? Perhaps the empty beauty and clear air of Bodmin Moor? I had been moved all the way to my boots by all three.

But no. The gem that stuck in my mind, was the clamber up a steep little sunken lane yesterday afternoon; with a little stream gushing down the lane towards me, shoulder height in a perfect little channel carved into the side of the lane. As the clear water bubbled and rushed along its way, it tugged at the ends of the ferns that grazed its surface. Large flat granite slabs lined the base of the splash and the sunlight picked out the crystals in the rock. The bank above and below was awash with celandines and lush green mosses.

For me, the charm of Cornwall lies in the micro view; yes it has it's grand sweeps of landscapes, but so too will the Pennines. Ambling along the sunken lanes your eyes are drawn to the more intimate, personal details and I have often found myself just standing in quiet lane with just the sound of larks and raucous crows in my ears, marvelling at the simple beauty of it all.


  1. Alan..
    You are a poet and you know it..You'll be bursting into song in a moment...

    Handsome brother with hair

  2. Is that the handsome brother wih the hair AND the socks? (so many brothers...)
    Little Sis xxx

  3. And no-one has said anything about Deep Purple...
    The American Branch

  4. England Calling! Hello to our American (ish) Niece. That hatchet has been firmly buried. Only the true heir to the Sloman Fortunes can pull it out (of the baldy brother's head) He will then be proclaimed King of Wessex.

  5. Big Brother (aka American niece) is watching what's going on - and I will be over to claim my fortune as soon as I can.


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