Thursday, 8 March 2007

DAY 8: St Breward to Launceston: Evening Report

Today: 21.0 miles
Total so far: 122.9
Percentage completed: 7.4%


(Click map to enlarge)

My feet know that they have had two big days. I arrived in Launceston to find that my hotel was at the very top of the hill - and it seemed a very big hill at the time! My room is on the top floor. I lay on my bed for half an hour with my feet propped up on pillows, with me promising them faithfully I wouldn't do it to them again...

The hotel is full this evening. Larnsunn seems to be a very active place - we have the Stamp Collectors in one function room, Lloyds TSB in the basement, and very strangely, the patchwork quilters in the last room. These ladies all had to file past me whilst I was eating my tomato and ham soup. I started getting horse's burial at the remarkable similarity between these ladies and those in Roald Dahl's 'The Witches'. There has not been even a glimpse of any small child...

Going back to lunchtime at the Rising Sun: As I was leaving the lovely girl behind the bar pressed a five pound note into my hand with a lovely picture she had drawn of the sun rising: to cheer me up when it rained. Wonderful.

As I was scuttling along the lane about an hour later, a car pulled up from behind and asked me if I was the walker from the pub. I answered positively and the guy introduced himself as the owner of the pub and asked me for the blog address - So - If you are the proud owner of that magnificent establishment - Hi - and thank you.

It is now pouring down with rain outside and I am all snug and bathed and fed inside. It's a day off tomorrow - so I can visit the highspots of Larnsunn. I shall wash my walking shirt - it's only been eight days and I know it doesn't need it, but hey - It's a holiday - It can have a treat too!


  1. Poor feet?
    Alan - have pity on them.
    It's all those bloody pasties and pints you keep detouring for

    Keep up the good slog - sunny times are a coming

  2. Alan, don't get depressed! Your body just realizes what you are doing to him and he wants to be back in his comfort zone.
    Enjoy your day off, put your feet and rest and enjoy doing almost nothing.
    And I'm x-ing my fingers that the weather get's better over there!!

    Keep on'going,

  3. Alan, it would be nice to hear too how your mind wanders ;-)
    I find on (rare) occasions that whilst hiking my mind goes off on the most wonderful tracks of its own and then I'm surprised at having actually arrived without really noticing the journey :-)

    I had to hike through the Partnachklamm ( @ Garmisch-Partenkirchen) twice, 'cos I 'missed' it the first time :-)

    C'est la Vie :)

  4. Day off you are having a laugh. Tortoise/hare springs to mind as I don't have much hair, you are the tortoise. SPEED UP FOR #^*" s sake
    Tiny Brother

  5. Ah, Smallest of All Brothers
    I am enjoying a glass of house white with some griddled cod & chips in an excellent fish restaurant in Larnsunn at the moment and all is well with the world. Life is made for living and I can think of no nicer way than spending the 9th March than right here, right now.

    Stu - you are right - John Hillaby described it as his 'skull cinema' and I have been through complete epics so far on this walk - I too have 'missed' whole chunks of Cornish lanes as I am writing letters to Cornwall County Council Rights of Way Officers, the RSPCA over the state of some of the cows seen on the trip, and answering the flood of letters that Katherine Hepburn keeps pestering me with on this trip. TYhe woman is insatiable!

  6. Dear Alan..( and John hee!)

    Sore,s nothing to do with eating pasties..Your feet are pasties.. I've seen them and the resemblance is remarkable!

    keep going you old dog..Your doing brilliant...'Respect' (said in a chavvie cornish accent!)

    Ps I've just driven up the M1 from Bracknell to leeds and I think you are going at a better average speed than I managed today.

    Your good looking brother with hair


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