Thursday, 8 March 2007

DAY 8: Morning Report

DAY 8: Lunchtime Report

What a splendid morning. Clambered up Brown Willy (ooh! Madame!) then headed off across country over closely cropped grasses stocked with moorland ponies, to hit the Rising Sun (to the north of Alternun) for a one o'clock pint or two of Betty Stogs (I do like this particular pint) and some Welsh rarebit.

The regulars were all in & they all tried to get me to pronounce Launceston correctly (something like 'Larnsunn'). Cornish country pubs are wonderful - they are still the heartbeat of the community; the social centre where the elderly are looked out for and the young tearaways told to mind their P's & Q's.

The beers are well kept, served at the perfect temperature and when you need a bit of help choosing, you get taster glasses.

This afternoon is 15km, so a bit of a hike along Cornish lanes, so I shall keep this short as I have sunshine and sunken lanes to cope with!


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