Sunday, 4 March 2007

Mullion to Lizard

DAY 3: Mullion to Lizard
Total today: (Porthleven - Lizard) 13.3 miles
Total so far: 38.5 miles


(Click on the map to enlarge it)

Not a bad afternoon at all: Warm, sunny with cooling breezes. I am not a fan of coastal walking; just how much sea can you need & want to see? And all the relentless ups and downs take it out of you. I would not plan a hill walk that went up and down every bloomin' mile. It is going against the grain of the land - cutting across it. The next bit of coastal walking I shall be doing, if all goes well, will be the walk up to Cape Wrath.

I stayed slightly longer than intended in Mullion, as the beer was splendid, and as I am not driving it was rather nice to lean back and have a third, as the afternoon was just eight miles or so.

Lizard Point was mightily impressive, with blue-grey seas smashing onto huge black rocks below the lighthouse.

Speaking of rocks, I have not yet told you about Ricky - my pet rock that I picked up at Land's End. That's the end of any lightweight pretensions then: Carrying rocks the length of the Kingdom. I shall release Ricky the Rock when I get to John O'Groats.

Lizard (the village I am in now) has no phone signal - so this may well be posted from somewhere on my route tomorrow. The pub here sells Greene King IPA, so I am in heaven.

So: End of Day 3 and all going well! The forecast for tomorrow is horrendous though...


  1. Alan,

    If Ricky tells you he's feeling lonely and would really like a companion rock, it could be the thin end of the wedge. The last thing you need is to have to carry round a whole family of pebbles...


  2. Following He Yun Chang - but he had an arts grant to carry his rock around Britain.

  3. Alan,

    Makes no sense to deposit Ricky at JOG. The crabs won't take much notice of him, and he'll be lonely. Isn't it better to pick up a rock at JOG (Dicky), and take Ricky and Dicky home? Then mount them in a presentation case as a memento?


  4. I'm a bit late here... but better late than never.

    I've just started reading your LeJog, and I hope to finish it tonight after work.

    I'm concerned to read about Ricky, though, and a little worried about where he is now, WITH ALL HIS FAMILY LEFT ON THE BEACH IN LAND'S END! Perhaps you found him a friend later on. Hmmm...

    Yrs, anxiously, PW

  5. Hi PW

    Ricky made it safely through the entire journey and now resides on my bedside table. I have to watch him though as he does like to come to the Axr & Compass on a Friday night, just to be sociable, of course. I help him out when I can.


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