Sunday, 4 March 2007

DAY 4: Goonhilly Earth Station

It's bucketing down outside and I am safely indoors in the free cyber cafe. Only a short afternoon to go so I am enjoying the time off from the horrid weather outside!

The village of Lizard was an odd place. Very Royston Vaisey... A few places quite well scrubbed up, a few needing a lot of repairs. The other thing I have noticed today is the quality of roadside rubbish - it's all packaging from junk food. Soft drinks bottles, crisp wrappers and beer bottles. An amazing quantity - and this was going through the Goonhilly Nature Reserve.

Ambling through Britain at 3mph you notice stuff like that - quite depressing how little we care for our countryside. However, when you do hit civilisation, it is heartening to see how diverse and helpful our society can be. So who are the louts who are screwing it up?


  1. Useless fact for the day: Wandsworth Council in London one year famously issued 70% of the country’s total of litter fines.

  2. Just trying to show Dad how to use it, he'll TRY and say something witty in a minute.

  3. STOP PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Northern Ireland Peace process put on hold after leader of Sinn Fein seen walking in Cornwall.....was heard to be muttering we'll never surrender,not one bullet,min's a pint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tiny brother

  4. Still watching. Hope weather gets better :-)

  5. And wasn't the rain a pain today.
    Keep up the pub/cafe guide to the UK

  6. I expect the amount of litter will decrease with distance from the car parks :( Keep that hypothesis in mind and see if you can confirm/deny it during your walk.

    Once in Wales I saw a rubbish bin labelled "Do not litter, leave your trash here", to which some wit had attached a photo of Tony Blair and scribbled 'OK!' on it :-)

  7. Hello Everybody - and well done Jack - your Dad (smallest brother of all) must be a quick learner. The face is getting hairier and the hair is getting longer. Does our Irish friend wear a pony tail?

    Litter: Today, if anything, was worse than yesterday. These were not tourist routes I was on. This is being done by Cornishmen in their own county! You can stand in the middle of a Cornish sunken Lane and see enough litter to easily fill a Tesco carrier bag within a 10 yard radius. It is astonishing!


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