Sunday, 1 April 2007

DAY 32: Sodom to Carmel

Today: 22.1 miles
Total so far: 493.7 miles
Percentage Completed: 29.6%


(Click map to enlarge)

I dropped down from Offa's Dyke near the end of the path to enter town via the old railway, now a nature walk.

Prestatyn seen from above looks wonderful, laid out before you. Prestatyn at ground level is another matter; well, it is after you pass the railway line. You leave the 'normal' part of town and the moment you are the other side of the tracks, the nature of the town changes.

I walked along the flat coastal plain to the walk's terminus - a rock set amongst gravel saying that it marked the end of the walk. To the seaward side of the rock was a circular tourist information centre that looked decidedly dead. To the left was a gigantic 'leisure facility' built from greenhouses and factory wriggly tin. To the right; a smaller flat roofed facility, packed full of electronic gambling machines and lit by fluorescent lights with yellowing opal diffusers; only half the tubes working. The noise inside was an indescribable barrage of shoot 'em up games and repetitive phrases bleating to encourage you to play.

The people playing in this unvarnished hell-hole either looked malnourished or incredibly fat. You could find candyfloss, 'slush' and all manner of ghastly grub. It was mind numbingly depressing.

The Offa's Dyke guide prefaces the start to today's walk saying that this last day was anything but an anticlimax: As far as the walking goes, I agree totally. But to end one of Britain's finest National Trails at a hell hole is frankly amazing. What on earth were they thinking?

Perhaps I am being too elitist - after all, a journey through Britain should take everything in and today I saw the lot. But others are looking to the walk as an uplifting experience and to finish it at such a dump is cruel. Offas Dyke is a magnificent walk and I would recommend it to all: Just brace yourself when you finish.

The rest of the walk up to Carmel followed the cycle route and went well with a good pub find at the first village climbing up the hill from the hell-hole.


  1. G'Day

    Following your progress from down here in Australia.

    Wish it was Spring here because the mossies here bit like $&%*. A dozen bits is a short bush walk.

    The beer here is cold and the weather hot and sunny.

    Bob and Jan

  2. Ah the joy of the Welsh seaside hell. You're lucky you weren't set upon by the local chavs

  3. Perhaps it was just a cruel April Fool's joke to finish there? Are you sure someone didn't move the marker?

  4. Prestatyn is truly a pimple on the arse of N Wales; I have the unfortunate delight to visit on a frequent basis and interview road traffic victims! Great walk though and one I am planning to do soon. I have done bits but must do it on one.

    1. Hi Andy

      Interesting. Do you think folk are throwing themselves in front of cars because they live in this hell-hole? I think I would too...
      Ta for dropping in and saying hello. I have now found your blog to follow.

  5. It truly is a dismal place....although the links golf course is a gem! Love the blog by the way.


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