Wednesday, 4 April 2007

DAY 35: Chester to Rudheath: Evening Report

Today: 21.6 miles
Total so far: 534.6 miles
Percentage Completed: 32.0%


(Click map to enlarge)

The afternoon was a doddle - a nice ramble through Cheshire. The sandstone ridge is really gorgeous. On arriving at Northwich, it is the nice end of town. You drop down to the wonderful old revolving truss bridge and into the High Street.

What on earth were the planners thinking of in the sixties? The resultant mess is a sad indictment of muddled thinking, leaving little for the residents to take pride in. The housing stock is of poor quality and there is an air of deprivation. This is not manifested in the cars that are driven around, but more in body language and general demeanour.

I would not want to bring my family up in a place like this.

Having said all that, my Guest House is warm and friendly: An oasis, in a sea of tat.

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