Wednesday, 4 April 2007

DAY 35: Lunchtime Report

DAY 35: Lunchtime Report
The Tigers Head Inn, Norley

I am now the right side of a home-made tomato soup and a pint of Burton.

It's a beautiful day and the Delamere Forest was calm and full of birdsong this morning. Its on sandstone and so it was lovely to walk along sunken sandy tracks amongst the trees. 21.5 km done this morning and just 13 km to do this afternoon, so I shall lean back and relax in this fine establishment.

It has been good to be heading slightly north of east rather than the south east as I have been for the last two days.

Gayle emailed me prior to me setting off on this walk and this morning she was back in touch. We had a quick chat to arrange to meet on Friday morning so we could meet and walk some of the way to Edale with me. She will be doing her own LEJOG next year and so it will be fascinating to meet her.

I want to find out why she is doing it. I haven't really worked out, deep down, why I am doing this myself. I had all sorts of things that came together and it ended up with me where I am now, so I am intrigued and will be asking her what is driving her walk!

I believe that "I'm so Dave' never quite worked out why he was doing his Lejog - he just did it. I am sort of in his camp, though with one or two 'reasons' to bolster it.

The beef sandwich is on its way now and a pint of Brakespears to wash it down. I am looking out onto a beautiful Spring day, with the smell of freshly mown grass drifting through the front door as a herd of elderly ramblers burst into the pub.

The hedgerows this morning were at last coming into leaf, and the dandelions basked in the sunshine beneath them. The daffodils are at last on their way out. The seasons are moving on as I am moving north.

Chester seems to have sorted me out and I am feeling 'up for it' again.

I liked Chester, I think, as a place: I just felt it was a bit too close to Liverpool for its own good.


  1. Heaven forbid the European Capital of Culture 2008 should affect the surrounding area.

  2. Yep. Lot's of building work going on. They're even tarting up Lime Street Station].


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