Friday, 6 April 2007

DAY 37: Lunchtime Report

DAY 37: Bollington to Edale
Lunchtime Report
The New Inn, Chapel en le Frith

I am walking this morning with a self-confessed gear head. (She is wearing Paramo; QED)


Seems like a nice girl, but totally bonkers. Is going to do her own Lejog next year and, a little like me, does not really know why. Has a good steady job in the real world, yet is going to chuck it all in and take three months off to do it.

The sun is shining, yet we are indoors in an indifferent pub that doesn't do food. And she was up at SIX o'clock this morning to come walking with me. However, I am on my second pint of Robinson's Unicorn and we are listening to High Peak Radio. Does life really get better than this?

Gayle's Bit:
It's not often that I start my day with rail staff trying to put me onto the wrong train all in an effort to meet up with a complete stranger to go for an amble through the countryside. But, a better day could not have have been chosen - blue skies, expansive views - I'm not used to walking in these conditions.

We've done lanes and countryside, with increasing views towards the Peaks, in order to arrive in Chapel-en-le-Frith for a swift pint. Alas, after short day of fine views and excellent company, I'll be leaving Alan at this point to do battle with our railway system to get back to somewhere in the vicinity of home, from where I will continue counting the days until my own LEJOG attempt next year. Can't wait!


  1. A third of the way through - and managing to meet some strange people on the way. Sounds like you are meeting your objectives. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Alan

    Happy Easter - sounds like your giving the AA a run for their money in producing the next 'good pub guide'.



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