Saturday, 14 April 2007

DAY 44: Thornton in Craven to Malham

Today: 10.6 miles
Total so Far: 651.0 miles
Percentage Completed: 39.0%


(Click map to enlarge)


We wandered, lonely as clouds along the Pennine Way, espying hosts of daffodils along the way. The truth was we had had a few more than we had expected in the lunchtime house, as we only had a few miles to do in the afternoon. Two lunches later, and having had Tony Hardman's 15 year old Glenfiddich with our second luncheon we were sprawled on the river bank alongside the River Aire.

Rick had organised to meet us at five at the Lister Arms at Malham, but at five, Waggy, Mike & I were to be found waking from our slumbers on the riverbank - Ratty, Mole & Badger, still miles away from the Wild Wood… Ooh dear! However!

I know it is late. I know I need my bed. I know I need to do my washing, but Rick is pouring 1975 vintage ports and Lindsey is trying to control Rick.

She is a woman of wisdom. Rick is a man of charm and dedication to pleasure. Phil (Lord Elpus) and Tini (Miss Whiplash) have been disporting their debauched intentions, but Rick needs to know the time of Breakfast.

Waggy, by now, will be leaving the Admiral; his squeezebox strapped to his chest. Mike will be wiping down the soot from his greenhouse.

And life goes on. As it should.

Tomorrow is another day.

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