Saturday, 14 April 2007

DAY 45: Rest Day, Austwick

DAY 45
Rest Day: Malham (Astwick, actually)

The Velez jacket has been washed and reproofed (I think there was more of me in that jacket before washing it than there was me out of the jacket) and so it is now perfumed and wonderful again.

I have mown Rick & Lindsey's lawns (Note the plural, this is a magnificent place) and commandeered the washing machine and bathroom for twentyfour hours. I have downloaded the entire contents of the PDA and camera onto the laptop for safe-keeping.

Phil, Tini & Rick went for a long walk: Phil carrying full Challenge pack and they came back cherry-red. Brave chaps.

Stuart & Maria Scott have just arrived for Dinner. I last saw them in Devon when they came over to the pub for the evening. The evening is warm, sunny and all the jobs are done for the day. This promises to be a bit of a party! Oo Err! (And a big day tomorrow...)

Miss Whiplash is getting changed and Lord Elpus is looking dapper. Stuart & Maria are impeccable as usual. Rick is in his shorts, but has taken off his Antarctic Wellies.

Sartorial Standards are being observed.

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