Saturday, 14 April 2007

DAY 45 Rest Day Part 2

DAY 45: Rest Day: 2nd Report

Drinking 73 year old Armagnacs with a Dutchgirl, a Vulcanologist, a leather fetishist, a dapper minor royal, potential bigamist and all round wonderful girl who sands down garden furniture, does cooking, cleaning and all the electrical jobs in the village while her husband to be is choosing bottles from the cellar is an unusual experience.

We talk about Waggy and Michael, and all the people met so far on my walk. The discussion reverts to Waggy at every turn. The man is a living legend: Morris Man, Musician, Piano Rebuilder, Engineer, Collector, Brewer, and All Round Wonderful Man. Raconteur. Michael and Janet are his soul-mates and preserve this British Work Of Art. (The capitals are important here)

Maria leans over my shoulder and reads this to the others (this is a real time blog, after all said and done). Her hot breath on my shoulder.... And Stuart is sitting next to her so this will stop here.

I realise that I am the ony one with a glass in my hand : Admittedly it is a fine glass and the contents are to die for.

It is to slow me down for tomorrow. What the reader is not probably aware of is that these wonderful people are all Challengers; they are all getting on a bit, and know the perils of alcohol, and its efects on the unwary. (Me)

It is early in the evening so I shall carry on to see if they get more beautiful and I get more handsome.

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  1. Run quick - sounds lie a trap. I saw it once on a Hammer House of Horrors film

    Glad to see you've found a way to keep up morale!


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