18 April 2007

DAY 49: Evening Report

Today: 12.5 miles
Total so far: 705.5 miles
Percentage Completed: 42.2%


(Click on map to enlarge)

I am camped up just to the north of Deepdale Beck, having crossed the A66.

Wanda Warmlite is all snug and everything inside is in its place. Dinner has been chicken with rice washed down with a fine Cap Colombie. The sun is shining through the wall of the tent and all is fine.

The little difficulty I had had with the YHA was on account of it having been closed, but no-one telling BT who still let the phones ring... Ho hum!

Rather than walk down the road ,which had been my original plan, I took to the moor. The walking over Sleightholme Moor is wonderful - springy peaty turf - but I remember the horrors of 30 years ago, walking with my friend Bob Butler, when it was raining and it was a morass. Looking at it now, I think the path used to be on the southern bank of Frumming Beck, but I reckon that after a bit of rain it could still be a nightmare. I am just a lucky chap it has stayed dry for a while.

Bob has also pointed out that last time we passed, like drowned rats, the pub was shut. It is now a fine emporium, but still has Ted Moult's double glazing, including the incredibly tacky front door.

Inside is another matter - a feisty landlady with dogs and baby lambs running around to entertain. The Blacksheep was excellent and so I stayed for a couple of hours. The fire was warm and the company good.

The views today were top drawer: But you do have to like moorland. It's MAMBA country: Miles And Miles of Bugger All.

Outside the Curlews and Peewits are calling, with grouse and surprisingly, the occasional pheasant. It is quite, quite perfect.


  1. In such MAMBA surroundings, what philosophical meanderings has your brain been taking? Are you the same person who started this craziness? Has your outlook changed? Should we have people in white coats meet you at the end?

  2. Hello Alan

    I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I'm not entirely sure where you are, not being a walker myself, but you can't be far from Scotland now? MAMBA sounds like Scotland to me!


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