Wednesday, 18 April 2007

DAY 49 Lunchtime Report

DAY 49: Lunchtime Report
Tan Hill Inn: "The Highest Pub in Britain"

The walk up here from Keld is way past every expectation from a cursory perusal of the map. The views slowly open out to encompass Great Shunner Fell to the south, Nine Stndards Rigg off to the west, and I am SURE (honestly) I could make out Cross Fell way to the north; but that could be my wild imaginations.

Yesterday, as I was nearing the top of Great Shunner Fell, the tadpolers told me that an hour or so ahead of me there was a fellow Pennine Wayer taking a break in the shelter, and that he had had a bout of tummy trouble and was quite surprised that he had not met another soul traveling north on the Way. Despite redoubling my efforts, I did not make contact with him, but heard this morning in Keld that a Pennine Way walker had taken quite poorly during the evening and had called out help - and the same policemen I had seen in the morning had located him wandering confused in the village and had hoiked him off to hospital.

Let's all hope he is okay - it must be pretty ghastly being all alone and unwell.

It also turns out that the police prescence in Hardraw had been for quite a violent disorder!

Ah - Just Like Hemingford Abbots...

I am not sure where I shall be stopping tonight - One place had the builders in and the Youth Hostel... you have guessed it - never even answered the phone, and that was ringing about a dozen times. Unbelievable really. No wonder they are in trouble.


  1. Hi Alan

    Glad the Inn is open this time, I remember walking past it in 76.

    Have a pint for me.


  2. How about some more photos please Alan?

  3. Aye, Keld's closed but due to re-open again under private ownership... pal of mine's been helping with the ripping out & refit

  4. Indeed! I stayed at the newly opened Keld Lodge (as it is now known) and it is mighty fine! I met one of the builders - they are now refurbishiung the second floor and he gets to stay there as he does his carpentry. They will also have a micro bewery out the back - I reckon it is a sure fire winner! How on earth the YHA in its infinite wisdom could not make a go of a place so short of accommodation at the junction of the Coast to Coast Walk and the Pennine Way just beggars belief! Rank Incompetance springs to mind.

    Well good luck to the new team - It is a splendid place now and they are deliberately keeping some rooms at the budget end of the market for walkers.


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