Monday, 23 April 2007

DAY 54: Alston to Greenhead: Evening Report

Today: 16.4 miles
Total so far: 771.9 miles
Percentage Completed: 46.2%


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GUEST SPOT: Charlie - LEJOGer:

My god, what a day! Was very exited to meet Alan in Dufton as I've managed to get across the majority of England without meeting any other end to enders, and besides it was nice to meet someone who can drink almost as much real ale as I can.

We left Alston at the same time this morning, so it seemed sensible to walk together, especially as we'd both come to the conclusion that cheating slightly and following the South Tyne Way, rather than the Pennine way proper this morning was the best way forward. After the mist and rain of Cross Fell, the South Tyne which follows a nice little narrow gauge railway was a breath of fresh air, but after a few lunchtime pints it was time to go back to the Pennine Way and start a long slog through muddy farmland and an amusing amount of pure unadulterated bog.

A lot of the swampiest parts of the Pennine Way have had limestone slabs placed along them, but they didn't bother with this bit, and in the pouring rain and biting wind, this wasn't the most pleasant part of the journey so far. I was very pleased to have Alan along, as it meant I could stick my head down and follow his boots as we slogged across country.

Still, Greenhead has a very nice pub which called to us across the moor and we're both now warm, dry and slightly less smelly than we were. I just pity him tomorrow going all the way to Bellingham, while I do the short haul to Once Brewed.

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