Monday, 23 April 2007

DAY 54: Lunchtime Report

DAY 54: Alston to Greenhead
Lunchtime Report: Kirkstyle Inn, Knarsdale

Made it in time for a few pints of Geltsdale Hell Beck - a lovely dark red beer. I have arrived at this pleasant location just as a little shower came in from behind me - perfect timing.

I am being a train this morning; following the South Tyne Trail rather than the Pennine Way - which the National Trail guide freely admits is pretty boring. The old railway line eases the bones after yesterday's jolts down the long stoney road from Gregs Hut (that I missed)

I spent a bit of time with my GPS this morning, to see how I got in such a mess yesterday lunchtime off Cross Fell. My GPS is telling me I am 500m further north than I actually am, yet is spot on with the East/West location and altitude. Answers on a postcard? Its the first time I used the Bl***y thing on this walk and that 500m error caused me no end of problems!

Answers on a postcard please as to why it is doing this! A Crackerjack Pencil to someone who can help me sort the thing out, or it is being stamped on and being sent back to Garmin! (They can have a cabbage)

Charlie (the surprise Lejogger I met at Dufton) is walking with me just for today before we go our seperate ways - We have also just heard from the landlord that there is another Lejogger (Very Fit Bloke) who is a couple of days ahead of me. I doubt whether I will catch him!


  1. Hi Alan,Waggy's your man! He is an absolute wizard with the GPS I will tell him you need help shall I???!!!
    Glad to hear you are still going well see you in Montrose.

  2. Are you sure that your maps and your GPS are using the same coordinate reference system?

    One may be WGS and the other NG ??
    Albeit I doubt if these differ by as much as 500 meters.

  3. Hi Alan

    Saw Lyn for dinner last night, saw the pics - you have got a mighty fine beard there!

    Glad to hear that all is going well on the walk.

    Watch out for the mad dogs.


    Caroline and Tony x

  4. According to the manual, it appears that my eTrex is Subject to accuracy degradation under the US DOD-imposed selective availability program'. Although half a kilometre looks pretty decadent.


  5. This could be due to radio interference caused by solar flares. There were reports of many devices malfunctioning back in early December when there was major solar activity and a great surge in radio noise as a result. A further, but lesser, surge is predicted for mid 2007.

    As far as I know, the accuracy degradation is no longer applied.

    The next major solar flares are predicted for 2011.


  6. Bit late now, but might be useful in future perhaps; the US no longer degrade the accuracy, but once in a while the UK MOD does. Pilots are sometimes warned about it through the NOTAM system but I don't think there's any easily available way for walkers to find out. I've personally experienced both a complete loss of signal and a huge loss of accuracy (ie repositioning me miles away) while near one of the sites. Just goes to show the value of map and compass skills!


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