Monday, 30 April 2007

DAY 61: Lunchtime Report

Burts Hotel, Melrose

I had a lovely stroll over the last of St Cuthbert's Way from St Boswell's this morning. The Eildon Hills are easily gained and the views back are to the Cheviots, over ribbons of bright yellow rape fields, emerald green pastures and fresh green leaved beech trees.

The walking underfoot is a delight of soft red earth and beech nuts and when the top is reached your senses are overwelmed with the smell of the gorse.

I wrote my postcards from an incredibly indifferent cafe opposite the Abbey, so gave it up as a bad job and found this pub and it is much better sitting here with a pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord and a rare beef and horseradish sandwich.

Just 15 km to do this afternoon to get to Stow and the weather is perfect; sunny with cool breezes.

Melrose seems to be full of Americans and coach parties - an odd mix. The town itself is very pretty and I have picked up an excellent looking pork pie and a mutton pie for later this afternoon.

I see from the news that Kent has had an earthquake. Even the Scots reported it! It must have been terrible...Alan

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