Monday, 30 April 2007

DAY 61: St Boswells to Stow: Evening Report

Today: 16.1 miles
Total so far: 873.5
Percentage Completed: 52.3%


(Click map to enlarge)

It was a day off yesterday with Lynnie; her last visit for the trip as I am now getting further north. So, refreshed, I started out on another stretch of the Tweed this afternoon, watching another fly-fisherman trying his luck. I have yet to see anyone catch a fish - are there any in this river?

Then it was up a minor road heading north; always a good direction for someone heading to John O'Groats. Passing a huge rubbish dump - sorry, recycling centre - chewing the dust the tracked vehicles were kicking up, and then I was up on top of the hills with extensive views back to the Eildon Hills and the entire Cheviot range.

Water was a bit tight; I only carry a litre, but I made it to the highest point to look at tomorrow's hills; The Moorfoots. They looked splendid in the warm afternoon sunshine. The view down to Stow was all feathery pines and soft deciduous new leaves, framing a pretty little village.

I made it down to Stow Post Office to bag a bottle of coke and the lovely postmaster slipped me five pounds for Sue Ryder. I had forgotten to mention that Sam at the pub, back at Kirk Yetholm at the end of the Pennine Way, had also slipped me a fiver as he left the pub.

And who said that the Scots were tight? So far all I have met is generosity and kindness. It's good to be here in Scotland.

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