Saturday, 5 May 2007

DAY 65: Falkirk to Kirkintilloch: Evening Report

Today: 17.9 miles
Total so far: 950.8 miles
Completed so far; 56.9%


(Click map to enlarge)

Sitting here at home with Denis Pidgeon, his wife Mary and Di Gerrard, I have no idea what time of day it is, let alone what happened today. Just the calculation of today's mileage and percentages have driven me through the floor… We are being entertained in true “Denis” style!

There's a Chinese on its way and my keyboard is playing silly buggers but I am happy. Denis has found his knee pads and so all is well with the world and the women are safe once more.

(Dennis Pidgeon with whisky)

I walked the canals again today but this time with more care,..and people were kinder with me (they obviously could not stand the robot they encountered yesterday).

I am now absolutely convinced that the walk you have is made up of your frame of mind; not the people you meet. The people you meet are merely a reflection of your own present personality. This is a bit of a shock to me, as I have always believed it was always the 'other bugger's fault!'


  1. it IS the other buggers fault - they're ALL wrong!!!

  2. That zen revelation shoud be kept wth you for the rest of your life - even if it is the other bugger's fault, you'll be a nicer person!

  3. Alan ,
    I am now worried about you. You write about the pubs you visit and the ale that you are drinking but reading this last entry are you sure that you have not been a frequenter of some dodgey opium dens? It either that or you have been dropping some serious acid.

    let me know what you have been on and I'll have a double.

    Little bruv wiv hair.

  4. I'm so proud of you x

    Love Rach

  5. I guess you have passed 1000 miles by now, so well done and onto the wilds of Scotland. Finding a suitable waterhole may not be so easy, so shout and I am sure many of us will have one for you.



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