Tuesday, 8 May 2007

DAY 67: Strathblane to Cashel Campsite

Sunday 6th May, but posted much later!
Today: 17.9 miles
Total so far: 976.3 miles
Percentage completed: 58.5%


(Click map to enlarge)

We were in surprisingly reasonable form for two geriatric drunkards and we packed up in the back garden of the pub. Denis had lost his Tilley Hat and I my poles.

A small price to pay for one hell of a day. Denis is writing a book; a 'how not to go' hill walking book, and we reckoned yesterday should make a good entry. Too many books are written by experts; not nearly enough by wonderfully gifted hooligans. I am looking forward to this book.

Rather than slavishly follow the West Highland Way, Denis took me up the pipe-track for wonderful views over Strathblane and then we parted where we met the West Highland Way and Dennis had a coffee - in the pub!

I started the day a mere two thirds of a day behind schedule and so, head down, I made up a bit of the deficit and made it to Cashel on Loch Lomond, desperately needing a sleep.

  (Loch Lomond)

I was away with the fairies by 8:00pm.

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