Tuesday, 15 May 2007

DAY 75: Bridge of Gaur to Kinloch Rannoch

Monday 14th May 2007
Today: 12.5 miles
Total so far: 1107.6miles
Percentage Completed: 66.3%


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I could have kicked myself for getting ahead of my schedule: I woke to glorious blue skies with fluffy clouds, Wanda Warmlite becoming too hot inside to hang around. If I had had the afternoon off yesterday at Gorton Bothy, I would now be handily placed for a glorious hillwalk. As it was, I found myself a dozen or so miles from Kinloch Rannoch with just a pretty little road walk.

Sometimes it goes that way.

As it happened, the day deteriorated and by the afternoon, when I was tucked up in the Dunalastair Hotel, the clouds rolled in and it was back to more rain, so the tops would have been a bit dismal and wet after all.

This hotel is a corker! Fur coat and no drawers! It all works, but the boiler seems to be my next door neighbour and makes a noise like a maniac with a medicine ball sent to the cooler (Great Escape). Ah - I take that all back - as I have just been moved to a splendid new quiet room. The restaurant is a corker too! Excellent menu and unfortunately they don't do half bottles, so I will just have to struggle with a big one of Vacqueyras. Quite Splendid!

Still no signal on the phone (Emergency Calls only) so this will be posted, along with all the others for the Challenge, hopefully from Blair Atholl tomorrow.

As a bemused aside: Why is it that when I travel abroad, my phone always chooses a network, but when O2 cannot provide me with one in my own country and obviously another provider can (I have four bars of signal strength) our own British providers won't let me use the competitions' network? Am I missing something here?

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