Wednesday, 16 May 2007

DAY 77: Rest Day; Blair Atholl

DAY 77: Rest Day; Blair Atholl
In the Company of Giants
As the day has worn on, Challengers have made their way in dribs and drabs to the campsite: Ian Shiel, John Jordan, Dave Beaumont, Richard Vickery and friend (sorry - I have forgotten his name). One of my 'Angels', Derek, brought me my food parcel down so I could pick & choose the next meals to get me to the East Coast & back to Kingussie. He brought with him a certain Mike Daniels, who is presently on his 21st Challenge Crossing of Scotland - a giant amongst outdoor folk.
Then to bump into Ian and David pitching their tents on the campsite was icing on the cake. Both had met me and helped me along the way on my LEJOG previously, and both have big tales to tell of their walk so far.
I then managed to get a call through to Lord Elpus, currently at the Monadhliath Hotel, Laggan, who was characteristically modest about his endeavours with Darren. I hope to get the full story when I meet him at Braemar.
John Jordan: 16th May, Blair Aholl

I have the honour of walking with John Jordan tomorrow morning on his way to Braemar. John should be designated a National Monument. He has fought for his country in war-time overseas, and also for it on the home front, serving as an elected representative on a council, rising to be one of the stars of his area.
He is a No-Nonsense Man who Gets Things Done. I will not bore you with his amazing medical history. Suffice it to say, that most people with his ailments would have given up the ghost years ago and slipped into anonymity and an early grave. Not this gentleman. When his time comes, he will be found arguing for a second opinion with the coroner. He has life to spare and a spirit that is totally indestructible.
I am looking forward to tomorrow immensely.
Jack Addison, Blair Atholl

Dave Beaumont: Blair Atholl

Ian Shiel, Blair Atholl


  1. Here's a nice bit of news Alan,your Bro in laws tumour has gone hoorah so I'll be around a bit longer.Keep on going just like me. jon

  2. I am the forgotten man....Andy Carter. Enjoy your little stroll! We both finished in Montrose on Monday and are back in the thick of day to day life


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