Friday, 18 May 2007

DAY 78: Blair Atholl to Linn of Dee

Thursday 17th May 2007
Today: 22.5 miles
Total so far: 1147.6miles
Percentage Completed: 68.7%


(Click map to enlarge)

I wandered down to the others at the campsite, to find that they had all gone. Nothing for it but to go and have a breakfast at Pizza in the Park. So it was a tardy 9:45 before I finally set off up the Glen.

A mixture of sunshine & showers blew me towards Braemar and I eventually caught up with Mr Jordan just before Bedford Bridge. We wandered along together up the narrow bit and I helped him pitch his Laserlight, which I can see is quite a nifty little bit of kit, if pitched properly.

John Jordan, Falls of Tarff 17th May

I left JJ at about 5:00pm and scuttled along quite nicely and bumped into numerous Challengers all camped up along the route, but chose to go on past the Linn of Dee and found a perfect little pitch at the junction of the Lui and the Dee amongst the tall pines. I camped between showers, amongst a large herd of deer, who seemed happy to share their spot with me.

I have to say it myself - but today I did okay; from a walking and personal perspective. Sorry about the awkwardness of the map – there were too many other routes on it that would have confused matters even more if I had printed it the right way up!

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