Saturday, 19 May 2007

DAY 79: Linn of Dee to Braemar

Friday 18th May 2007
(Posted Saturday 19th May)
Today: 6.3 miles
Total so far: 1153.9miles
Percentage Completed: 69.1%


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I was away by 7:45am having packed a dry tent and just as I set off some squally showers came in from the west.

I was quickly in Braemar and soon had the tent up at the campsite, showered with my laundry all nice & fresh. Then I ventured back to town for an all day breakfast. This was followed by an afternoon in the Fife Arms with a nice mix of first-timers, Colin Ibbotson who had done Land's End to John O'Groats and was on his first Challenge, and Andy & Kate; all seem to be having a good crossing.

John Jordan had made pretty good progress from where I had left him at the top of the Tilt and was in Braemar in very quick time, looking fit, so that took a bit of pressure off.

The food in the Fife Arms is pretty dire so I nipped out for fish & chips and then wandered back to the tent for an early evening doze to prepare myself for the proper events of the evening...

However, things don't always go to plan and I next woke up at 7:00 am the next morning, having slept soundly through a pretty rough night by all accounts!

Even though I am now incredibly fit, I am finding that I get quite tired and really do need the rest days. The good thing about incorporating the Challenge in my walk is that on my rest days I am with a whole bunch of people who love the same things as me. The Challenge really is an extraordinary event.

There has been one minor disaster: My Exped 7 Down mattress: A box-wall seam has come adrift, making one of the tubes double sized, so it throws you to one side of the mattress. It is not fixable, so I think it is kaput, so I shall try to replace it.


  1. Hi Alan

    So you could walk to Stans this year :)

    Remember a few weeks back your GPS was a bit lost on Cross fell. Well my car GPS got lost the other day in the rain, by about 400yds, even with a full set of satellites. So in heavy mist and rain clouds I would ask a second opinion next time.


  2. @Alan,

    just been hiking the canyons ( = gorges) in Crete last week, so I'll be blogging a couple of photos for you shortly :-)

    Not up to your distance standards, but spectacular scenery there :-)


  3. Hi Alan,

    ive been tracking your progress all the way with your fantastic blog. The amount you have raised thus far is absolutley brilliant!!

    All your efforts are really appreciated by all at Sue Ryder Care...keep going!!



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