Tuesday, 22 May 2007

DAY 80: Braemar to Callater Lodge

Saturday 19th May 2007
(Posted from North Water Bridge)
Today: 8.8 miles
Total so far: 1162.7miles
Percentage Completed: 69.6%


(Click map to enlarge)

Another hot shower to start the day, with extra 'Extra Fresh' deodorant applied to the armpits, in the vain hope it will last until Tarfside.

A showery day, but nothing to do until late afternoon, so I mosey over to the Outdoor Shop to replace my Exped mattress. They only sell skinny Thermarests so I buy one reluctantly and post the Exped home to deal with when I finish the walk. Then a dash over to the whisky shop for a smoky bottle for Stan & Bill and a dash round the supermarket to buy all sorts of food I won't need as I am buying it when I am hungry...

The Fife Arms soon fills up with bright weather worn-faces and excited chatter. Podcast Bob catches me for an interview, happily before I have had too many Guinnesses...

I set myself a witching hour of five o'clock to leave to walk up to Stan's and quite amazingly I am away only half an hour late. Stan & Bill are their usual wonderful selves and I am welcomed into a warm and wonderful fug of happiness and hospitality and soon have a plateful of meat pie and potatoes and a beer and whisky. We settle into the 'Men's Sitting Room' in front of a blazing fire and are there for the night. The Saturday night gathering at Stan's is so much more select!

Bill tries to educate me in the way of Doric witticisms and we listen to the local radio - which is hysterically close to Gregor Fisher's version of Hebridean Radio. The hot news is Mrs McRae's Chickens are loose on the main road so drivers need to take extra care.

I have no idea what time I make my bed, but I am giggling all night.

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