Thursday, 31 May 2007

DAY 84: North Water Bridge to Montrose

Wednesday 23rd May 2007
(Posted from Kingussie)
Today: 9.0 miles
Total so far: 1215.1 miles
Percentage Completed: 72.8%


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As I am getting further along my walk, I am often asked what I think it will be like when I get to the end at John O'Groats. Well, today I had a little taste of it. I walked on my own down to the sea at Montrose at a very unprepossessing spot next to a closed cafe and water splash park. On the way, I had walked past Pringle clad golfers who had looked at my attire and we probably inwardly giggled at each others' ridiculous appearance.

No-one was about and the tide was in so I could only manage to walk down the steps and pad my boots into the sea on the next step down. It was the end of the TGO Challenge and I felt slightly deflated. I had had a wonderful social walk yet I finished alone at a quiet spot to let it all sink in. I understand that John O'Groats is as equally thrilling, so I am bracing myself for the end - indeed I can now dare to think about the end, as I am now well on the way.

I walk back to the Park Hotel to officially complete the Challenge, where I am first in today, and Roger Smith greets me, Patricia sorts me out a glorious cup of tea and I receive my certificate, badge and T-Shirt. The whole Challenge support crew is there, and there is a wonderful buzz about the place.

There is an envelope waiting for me and I open it - It's from Colin, who I met on last year's Challenge and there is a very handsome cheque inside for Sue Ryder - a very kind thought.

This event has been an anchor in my life for the last twelve years. I am so glad I included it - indeed made it the centre point of my LEJOG.

The PDA refuses to let me post to the blog, so I resolve to sort it out tomorrow on my rest-day - I hate technology when it plays up!

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