Thursday, 31 May 2007

Picture Update - Days 72 - 89

Alan and O2 have come to an understanding - He e-mails; O2 send it to me; I post it;


So here's the update from the start of the TGO Challenge onwards.

Day 72
Day 73
Day 76
Day 77
Day 78
Day 81
Day 82
Day 87
Day 89

I was going to post a picture of the QUEEN as well. But as I'm not too sure on the Royal Powers these days, perhaps not.


  1. The Queen? Wow. My Uncle, the celebrity walker - take that, Ian Botham.

  2. At least you've come to some kind of workaround solution with O2, but I'm sorry to hear that it's still not the way it should be. They really ought to be able to solve this problem for you, and I'm rather surprised that they haven't yet. I'm back in the US now, but I would still be happy to try to help you remotely to get this resolved once and for all, if I can. From the error message that you showed me when we were in Montrose, I still think that what they probably have done is add a requirement for SMTP authentication to their servers, so if you can get that configured then you might be OK.

    Otherwise, it sounds like things are going well for you on the walk. I'll be interested in continuing to follow your progress!


  3. Well well, moving in high circles now...did you ask her to make up the remainder of your sponsor money, although knowing the royals they don't carry cash!
    Keep it up Alan, I'm still an avid follower of your adventures, despite having some rather ghastly recent ones of my own in Hawaii. Cuz Hxx


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