Saturday, 2 June 2007

Day 92: Rest Day, Kingussie

Thursday 31st May 2007
DAY 92: Rest Day @ Kingussie
Thursday 31st May
(Posted from Ft. Augustus)

A huge day today - admin plays a big part on the rest days and today is a big one. I am in constant contact with O2 Customer Services and Technical Support, and they organise a 'work-around' to get me blogging again. I know every organisation can make mistakes, but O2 are going the extra mile to try to resolve it, and even more encouragingly for a large organization, they do ring me back when they say they are going to.

The 'work-around' has fixed their server problem temporarily for me so I manage to post all the stored blogs and then they call me back and let me know that they are crediting my account with three months line rental for the problems they have caused my fund raising efforts with their servers. This is excellent news and we agree that I can put this on my Sue Ryder Care fund raising page.

I blow up the new Exped 7 (full length!) mattress and decide that it is just the job and send the skinny little short Thermarest home along with the TGO Challenge T-shirt I have been carrying since Montrose.

I get through every item on my 'to-do' list and Derek, Marian and I have a lovely meal and a few drams before turning in. Before turning the lights out, I load up the rucksack with four days of food, new gas, the new heavier mattress, ALL the maps for the rest of the walk and realise it is probably heavier than it has ever been before... But I am fit - I can handle it!

I get texts from Michael Gray, Heather T-S, and Rachael, all of which make me smile!

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