Tuesday, 29 May 2007

(Still) Holding Post!

John Hee popping in to explain Alan's current quietness on the posting front.

Owing to the vagaries of mobile telecommunications he's still unable to post directly to this blog at present.

But by the miracle of other modern technological wonders (A pigeon called McFlurry) we have recieved a situation update here at LEJOG HQ:

He had a late start from Braemar ("it was a heavy night" he says) & hopes to reach the bothy. But maybe not.

He then moves on to Kingussie where he will pick up the replacement Exped Downmat 7 that has been mailed out by Lyon Equipment, who market Exped in the UK.

Alan certainly likes to be comfortable!

Last heard he was heading into Feshie so won't have any mobile contact for the immediate future.

"Normal service" from Alan and O2 (luckily not one of his sponsors from the sound of it) will be resumed at around Kingus.

Hopefully he's finished the TGO Challenge by now. Or else he's missed the end-of-event drink-up, and we don't see Alan missing out on that particular occasion now do we?

Err - as in meeting up with all those TGOers I meant. Not the fact the pub was open.

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