Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Where's Wally? (or Alan)

Hello Readers!

I am in Kingussie on the way back to west coast of Scotland, staying with the magnificent Emsleys. I am using Big D's computer to post this as the O2 servers are still not accepting outgoing emails (that's over a week now being unable to send an email to the anyone, let alone blog!

I am assured by the wonderful Debbie at O2 (who is now an avid reader of the blog) that the situation will shortly be back to normal - I sincerely hope so as it takes an age to cut and paste Word documents to emails on the PDA and my next rest day to do this seems a million miles away.

Anyway - I am well and have now done over 1,300 miles and am having a rest day tomorrow at Derek & Marian's here in Kingussie rather than Ft Augustus. With a bit of luck O2 will sort it out tonight so I can post over a week's worth of days tomorrow!

Fund raising is going well (If you have sent / given me a cheque for Sue Ryder that will not appear on the Fund Raising page yet as I have not worked out how to do that yet - perhaps Ian at Sue Ryder can contact me to tell me how to do it?) However, Sue Ryder need more, so dip your hand into your pocket and help me please?

Weather report: LOTS (the capitals are important here) of rain over the last few days & I have been very wet!

All the very best bits to you all!

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