Monday, 18 June 2007

DAY 108 Rhiconich to Sandwood Bay

Saturday 16th June 2007
Today: 12.6 miles
Total so far: 1537.0 miles
Percentage Completed: 92.0%


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Full of the joys of summer and after a 'Full Highland Breakfast' we are off on the minor road to Kinlochbervie. This promises to be a day to break Richard in gently as I am not sure if he has yet forgiven me for his first day when he walked with me back in Somerset.

Riconich after a Big Day

So we make the Kinlochbervie Hotel for a good lunch - they have Bellhaven's Best on, but it will have to do. Three pints to wash down the really excellent Cullen Skink and a three hour lunch break later (we were writing postcards to loved ones as well) and we were back on the track, heading off to the start of heading north again, along the north west coast.

Highland Traffic Jam

It is a pretty bleak walk in; there is not a sight of a tree, with low rolling hills and the low grey clouds and northerly winds coming straight at us. But then, we reached the spot where you see Sandwood Bay for the first time - stunning.

We walked along the beach with the sand dunes on our right to the northern end and found a pretty fine spot alongside the shallow stream escaping Sandwood Loch and flipped up the tents. A lovely evening with a fine breeze to keep the midges at bay.

After supper, we strolled down to the beach and chatted with the lone camper - a Polish chap who spends all his life in front of a computer screen and comes here every year for a week, just to get away and let the beauty of the place seep into him.

A magnificent evening in a magnificent place.

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