Monday, 18 June 2007

DAY 109: Sandwood Bay to Kearvaig Bothy

Sunday 17th June 2007
Today: 12.5 miles
Total so far: 1549.5 miles
Percentage Completed: 92.8%
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Sandwood Bay

A wonderful nights sleep, if a bit blowy in the night but I slept like a baby until 8:45. Rich was good enough to let me lie there, knowing it wasn't a colossal day today. But it was a magnificent day.

Campsite, Sandwood Loch

It's trackless, virtually all the way to Cape Wrath, where you pick up the tiny little road that takes the trippers from the Kyle of Durness to the Cape.

Richard White, Sandwood Bay

You pick your own route through the crags and bogs, avoiding the sheer drops of the cliffs at the sea. There are a number of river crossings that in poor weather we could see could be quite a handful and the ground was for most part rough wet bog. But we were very fortunate, as the weather has been very kind to us over the last two weeks and so the going underfoot was almost crunchy at times and just very spongy at others. The hills are quite hard work and there are a few little gorges that take a bit of clambering in and out of, but we made it triumphantly to Cape Wrath.

Richard decided to snooze on the very edge of the northwestern-most tip of Mainland Britain and I sat a few paces back from the edge, taking it all in. At times the sun shimmered on the North Atlantic and a small tanker could be seen slowly making its way round the turning point. The birds on the stack in front of us were making a din, but that was the only noise that could be heard. It was totally peaceful. A fantastic spot, especially so if you compare it to the Hell of Land's End. More akin to Lizard Point, but with no people.

Richard, Cape Wrath

Photographs were taken and then we were off in the sunshine once more, to Kearvaig; another little piece of paradise. A wonderful white beach with towering sea stacks at each end and giant vertical cliffs and a welcoming MBA bothy.



Kearvaig Beach

Not a huge day in terms of mileage, but a massive day for me, in terms of jaw dropping coastal scenery and another milestone nailed on the walk, with great company.

As I am reading the bothy book, I notice an entry from April this year from 'Old Gregorlach', wishing me luck on my way later in the year as I pass through Kearvaig! Wonderful!

Me - Cape Wrath


  1. Heading that way myself soon. Might be a bit challenging in November.

    1. Good luck with your walk - I believe there's a wonderfully welcoming cafe these days at the Cape. Be aware that the ferry won't be running in November.
      If the weather's shit, there is another bothy a little way inland - but I expect you know this.


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