Monday, 18 June 2007

DAY 110: Kearvaig Bothy to Strath Dionard

Monday 18th June 2007
Today: 15.3 miles
Total so far: 1564.8 miles
Percentage Completed: 93.7%



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Richard & I today truly made it to the giddy heights of 'Gentlemen Of The Road.'

Our first 'touch' was the Her Majesty's Armed Forces. We met a troop of Army Sniper Instructors near Kearvaig and came away with an army ration pack for a day each - A wonderful horde of goodies!

The second 'touch' was another group of instructors on the ferry to Durness when we couldn't give the boatman the correct change and so they chipped in with the required forty pence. They would not accept the change when we had managed to find some between us!

The third 'touch' was making the Cape Wrath Hotel. Finding it closed, we asked the lady if we could have a couple of cans of beer from her. She nipped away and produced a can of beer and a can of coke, but asked us to consume it away from the premises, which we duly did. It was only when we were talking to a delightful roadman way further up the valley that we discovered that it was no longer a hotel; it was now in fact a private house!

Anyway, the rest of the afternoon was spent sauntering up Strath Dionard, to find an unlocked, perfect little fisherman's bothy - with a plentiful supply of fresh drinking water and a stove with a kettle and a plentiful supply of propane gas to cook our army rations with! 'Touch' Number Four!

Strath Dionard

Not only that but a full strength phone signal in the middle of no-where so I can post to the blog. Another 'Perfick' day for your Gentlemen of the Road!

The eagle-eyed amongst the congregation will have noted that a ferry was taken: We could not stand the thought that we were so close and yet so far from a pub... The fact that it was no longer a pub is neither here nor there.

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