Tuesday, 26 June 2007

DAY 118 Dunnet Campsite to Canisbay Youth Hostel

Today: 18.0 miles
Total so far: 1681.6 miles
Percentage Completed: 99.7%


(Click map to enlarge)
Dunnet Bay
I positively scampered the five miles to John O'Groats Youth Hostel (at Canisbay) and arrived half an hour before opening time. I chatted with a charming Japanese chap. 'Chatting' is a fairly loose description of events as we were communicating through his pocket translation machine. His English was as good as my Japanese - non existent.
He had travelled with his gorgeous bicycle from Japan to London, then Edinburgh, then Wick and tomorrow is to set off to cycle his journey of a lifetime to Land's End. This End to End thing obviously has quite a draw.

Dunnet Head & your humble scribe

In the hostel I bump into Bob & Nicola Lees and Val Machin & Janet, who had all decided to drop in on me! What wonderful people!

Dunnet Head cliffs

So we all set off to hook up with Derek & Marian along with Lord Elpus and Lady Whiplash who transported me in not inconsiderable style in their German War Machine.

A wonderful evening was had by all and I am now typing this up back in the hostel. Just a few miles left to do now tomorrow morning!

Orkney across the Pentland Firth


  1. Hmmm, thought about walking home?


  2. Alan
    It can't really be your last day! Am going cold turkey already just thinking about it as I'm now a confirmed blog junkie!
    We're all SO proud of you and will be raising a glass or three to you tonight.
    Cheers Alan, you're a credit to yourself and our Dad!
    Love you loads,
    Little Sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hail Uncle Alan, King of Britain!!!
    Congratulations on your achievement, You ROCK!!!!!!
    My Mum says I can have a beer to celebrate as well. I'm telling all my mates about you,and we'll all drink to you tonight. Watch out Lyme Regis!
    Nephew Matt

  4. Congrats Uncle Alan.
    Looking forward to reading about the weight lost, and perspective gained as you contemplate your achievement.
    Sarah across the pond.

  5. Big Al.........
    COME ON DOWN!!!!
    Well done..Now can I have back all the things you 'borrowed' from me as a kid.
    You have done so well and more importantly you are fit,safe and well
    Here's to you Dad
    Little brother


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