Tuesday, 26 June 2007

DAY 118: Lunchtime Report

DAY 118: Lunchtime Report!
The Castle Arms Hotel, Mey
From your new lean, mean lightweight correspondent.

A lunchtime report! Gadzooks!

The watchful reader will have noticed that there is a dearth of public houses in the north of Scotland, or if there is one, it is likely to be closed.

Not so with the Castle Arms Hotel, Mey.

I walked this morning up to Dunnet Head. Dunnet Head is a good spot. Not unlike the Lizard in it's unspoilt and wild qualities, and you have to make an effort to get there as it is off the main road. Skuas soared over the cliffs and the light was pin sharp over the Pentland Firth. The Orkneys were the other side of a deep blue sea with white horses dancing on the surface.

Derek & Marian were there to meet me: What I would have done without them in the north of Scotland I do not know. They have driven hundreds of miles, supporting me with my food parcels and moral support when I was feeling low, and keeping in touch to give me severe weather warnings when I was in the Flow Country. They have arranged accommodation and been all round wonderful company.

So we are sitting here with a Guinness or three, looking forward to a trio of sausages with mash and lashings of onion gravy. We have earned it, Derek has walked like a good'un this morning.

Going back to last night (you don't want this in chronological order do you?) I was walking up to the hotel when a couple sprang from the bushes and asked if I was Alan Sloman.

They were Francis & Margy and had spotted Wanda at the campsite (but had not spotted me inside having a snooze.) Francis has completed a couple of TGO Challenges (I recognised him from one of Jean Turner's Challenge Accounts) and has been following the blog since Cornwall. Such loyalty should always be rewarded, so we had a few pints of Guinness (Margy was driving) and had a splendid evening.

Francis had spotted a very rare flower just behind my tent and so I resolved to find it in the morning, which I singularly failed to do.

Francis & Margy at Dunnet Hotel

Did I mention that I had visited the wildlife centre at Dunnet Campsite? Well - inside amongst the splendid exhibits - there was a weighing machine. I know not why.

I stood on it and was amazed to find that I weigh 140 lbs. That's ten stone in real money. At the start of this walk I weighed in at a hefty 12 stone eight pounds.

I am wasting away!


  1. Hi Alan
    All the best on the final leg of the journey. Got your blog link from Stu Savory, I am in the area (usually) but am in Inverness this week alas won't be around JOG tomorrow. I will make a donation to via your sponsorship site in lieu of my absence from meeting you at the finish line. Hope you enjoyed seeing around Caithness
    Kind regards

  2. postscript:
    I actually donated £5 but it is showing as £2 on the page so you might want to check this later that it went through for you ok

  3. Alan, what on earth are we going to do when you finish this walk?? Every day we have followed your blog - life won't be quite the same after your journey!

    Best wishes,

    John J

  4. Alan,

    All the best for a great finish and celebration tomorrow! Sorry not to be up there with you and the gang. I'll give you a call.

    David A

  5. You're lucky to have lost weight.I've just got back from Wainwright's Coast to Coast walk and put on half a stone.Must be all those cooked breakfasts I had!Seems like a lifetime ago when I met you at World'S End nr Llangollen.Well done on the walk and have a good finish.All the best JEFF PEPPER

  6. Dear Alan,
    A fantastic effort Dad would have been so so proud of you (as i am).
    I will miss this blog as evening visits to you site have become a routine.

    Good luck for tomorrow.

    see you in Cambridge


  7. Welldone sofar ! Keep paying attention because most mistakes are made at the beginning and at the end of a journey.


  8. Mornington Crescent?


  9. Dear Alan,
    Many Many congratulations - we'll be thinking of you as you finish. Not sure how we will manage without our daily "fix" of tuning into your progress. A fantastic memorial to your Dad. How proud your family must feel. Very best wishes from John and Mary Allcock

  10. Last day already, how time flies.
    Do you realise you still weight the same really, it will only be when you have the rucsac removed it will feel different.
    It was great reading the blog, will miss it.
    Best wishes and have a great finish.
    Bob and Jan


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