Tuesday, 5 June 2007

DAY 96: Cougie to Glen Gaorsaic

Monday 4th June 2007
Today: 18.2 miles
Total so far: 1388.3 miles
Percentage Completed: 83.1%


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Heading for Alltbeithe, Glen Affric

Well, the afternoon started okay, with a recently repaired footpath that took me into Glen Gniomhaidh and then slowly vanished leaving me to pick my way up the the glen and over a watershed into Glen Gaorsaic. I had been this way before, albeit in the opposite direction, so knew it could be a bit of a pig in the wet. Over the last week there had been plenty of wet and so I bog-trotted my way, mostly up to my ankles, sometime over, along through the peat hags with tortuous windings.

Alltbeithe YH from Gleann Gniomhaidh

I knew that tomorrow would be another big day, so it was important to get as far as possible. I managed another couple of miles over the schedule through very heavy going stuff and camped gloriously at Allt Coire-lochain after a tricky crossing of the same. The sun was scattering her silver all over the mountainsides. It was a wonderful sight.

Gleann Gaorsaic

It was now late and I was too knackered to cook so had the remainder of the pancakes and cheese washed down with a hairy lemon/orange combo drink. I was asleep by ten, not to waken until half past seven. I was totally exhausted, but exhilarated after a wonderful day. Alone in the middle of nowhere; there by my own efforts; safe inside Wanda's welcoming cocoon.

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