Tuesday, 5 June 2007

DAY 96 Lunchtime Report

Monday 4th June 2007
Lunchtime Report, Alltbeithe Youth Hostel

The weather has improved massivley since yesterday's horrors and I have made steady progress, first of all heading up the valley from Cougie on the track then diving down the bog to the Allt Garbh for a plod through the Scots Pines and midges. The main rivers are still very full and are running with considerable force but the tracks now do resemble land rather than the torrents of yesterday.

Gnarled Old Timer

Alltbeithe is a little jewel in a sea of mountains and Gill, the warden, is having her assesment from her manager. He is a splendid chap and explains how the SYHA have been managing their hostel network. To me, it explains massively the difference between the SYHA and the YHA. All credit to the SYHA for supporting their smaller hostels.

I have now had a soup, bread & cheese and am now on a coffee, so it is time to go or I will never get to Glen Gaorsaic tonight.

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