Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Latest Sponsorhip Target Met!

The regulars amongst the congregation will have noticed the sneaky way I kept 'upping' the target for Sue Ryder Care.

At the outset I thought it would be jolly good if I could raise £1000. It became evident quite quickly that this was a bit pessimistic and so I raised it to £2,000. This was reached just before I set off to Cornwall to start the walk, so I had to estimate a realistic new target that could be met. I thought that as I would not be able to blog as often (not being able to have a phone signal) I was likely to lose readers but I still set myself a target that I thought was unrealistic - £3,500.

I was delighted when this target was met with about a week to to go on the walk, so I increased it to £4,000. There has been a fantastic response since completing the walk and yesterday we hit the latest target of £6,000.00

This is way beyond my hopes at the outset, so please accept my thanks for a wonderful effort. I have received a very nice letter of thanks from Sue Ryder for my efforts and so I would like to pass their thanks on to you all.

Other bloggers are to be thanked enormously for driving up the traffic to my site by including my site on their 'links' and encouraging others to donate. It seems that blogging has taken off in the outdoor world in the UK - there are now supposedly about 35 of us.

I shall be bumping into a few of them in a few weeks time in the Brecon Beacons, so maybe I can come back with some fresh ideas for the blog.


  1. A positive way to mark a year since Grandad passed. Well done Alan, and everyone who helped you.

  2. just wanted to say good work and well done, and for such a good cause. interesting blog :-)


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