Monday, 30 July 2007

Two TGO Challenge Websites

I have put a couple of postings on the two TGO Challenge websites.

'Two Challenge websites?' I hear you think! 'Why the need for two?'

Indeed! A very good question and one I have asked (on both sites) - as if we don't have enough to read, we now have two places to check for Challenge news and gossip.

It seems crazy to me, but there you go.

With my planning under way for a possible Challenge next year, maybe it's not too clever rocking the boat about this, but it does strike me as completely daft. I have asked on the TGO (new) site why there are now the two sites. We shall see if they come up with a satisfactory answer.

I do not understand why they didn't tell us, when they launched the new one, the reasons behind it. It would have been polite, seeing as they would have realised that they will now have us bouncing all over the world wide web looking for news and gossip about the event that they control.

Most odd!


  1. I think TGo are looking to tie the two sites together at some point, along with Vidcasts and podcasts and all the wonders of web 2.0 :-)

  2. They will then have achieved the formation of "Digital Challengers"

  3. Hi George, Hi Derek

    Well - Deppity Dawg has got back to me and told me that they pay a lot of money running the old (good) site and they get the new one for free from the magazine's owners - Newsquest - so it looks like the new one will win out. It's a shame as the old one is a lot easier to read quickly to see if there has been any new postings and what they are all about.

    Its progress, Jim, but not as I know it!

    Ho hum....

    The important thing, I suppose, is the Challenge itself and not the relatively new phenomenon of the website, so, as long as they don't go mucking about with that, all will be well with the world.

  4. I thought you were planning to take a year off from the Challenge??

    Love Rach

  5. Ah....

    Hello darling duaghter!

    Embarrassed silence......

    It does say "possible Challenge".....

    It's not quite a done deal.

    Besides - I might not get in from the draw!



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