Thursday, 2 August 2007

Alan Sloman's Big Walk

A good title for a blog about a Land's End to John O'Groats walk and perhaps reviewing it will give me a kick up the backside to actually go out for a walk - any walk.

I have the Bloggers Forum walk coming up in the Brecon Beacons in just over a week's time, but having taken a closer look at the proposed route, it does look like we should be able to knock it off in a day!

'Famous last words' I hear you snigger!

It's true. I have been a lazy slob. I got back home on Thursday 28th June and I now find myself sitting here thirty six days later having gone out for a walk just the once. It was my Hemingford Round - and now that they have finished the flood defences (just in time, I might add) that walk is now a paltry five and a half miles.

Gone is my classic 'racing snake' figure. Slowly, fighting its way back, is the little roll of belly that will see me through the winter. The settee is now back to it's proper shape too, after Lynnie's four month occupation. The red wine stocks are rapidly depleting.

Lynnie's Concept 2 Rowing Machine looks at me reproachfully - I have not climbed aboard for over eight months now and she is pining (the rowing machine, that is, you understand). I am turning into a Roy Hattersley - a tub of lard. Since the walk I have put back on a healthy six pounds of the stuff and Lynnie no longer looks on pityingly when I undress for bed. I don't know why, as she always looked on pityingly even before I went for the walk.

I suppose the only exercise I am getting at the moment is chasing Gladys and Lilly around the house before bedtime (two new family members rescued by the Cat Protection League) to shut them in the kitchen so they don't destroy any more of the house.

The other odd thing about the Bloggers walk in the Beacons is that there is no pub at either of the overnight pitches. This seems like extremely poor planning so I shall have to take supplies with me.

But after all my sloth and ballooning belly problems, I shall have to find a way to avoid a monumental struggle on the Brecon Beacons.

I have it! I shall go lightweight.

That should do it.


I'll take just the one bottle of Ardbeg then.


  1. Cor Blimey mate, I've done more than you since I arrived home, the same day as you, which of course was no coincidence!


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