Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Big Dogs

Ah - Back to an old favourite topic I hear you muse.

But not so!

A word of warning to the congregation:

Last week, the brother with the hair finally let Josh, his wife's venerable Alsatian, off the leash to the great big kennel in the sky. Oscar was a wonderful hound and was soft as putty but looked and sounded the business. So yesterday they set to cleaning all traces of Josh from the house, which included washing the curtains on the ground floor rear of the house where old Josh used to rub past when going into the garden.

This morning they awoke to find my brother's car gone.

Last night the thieves had gone round the back of the house, had a good look through the windows, punched the lock out of the patio doors and removed their wallets, loose cash, the two cars' keys and made off in the nicer of the two cars. The car that was left had no keys - they had taken the spare set from the drawer as well!

They are victims of a 'Hanoi Burglary' - a term the police use for this sort of car-crime.

So the brother with the hair is now a car down, a car that needs new locks, £150 in cash gone, all his plastic, gone. It will cost him a total of £500 in insurance excesses (house insurance and two car insurances) plus a huge amount of aggravation sorting all this out.

Had Josh been around there is no way that thieves would have dared break in as his bark was terrifying.

This type of burglary is becoming more and more popular, so my brother with the hair's advice to you all is if you don't have a big scary-looking dog, do yourself a favour and keep your car keys upstairs with you at night.

I certainly shall from now on!


  1. Hi Alan, Please pass on our best wishes to your brother. We know the feeling, three "break ins" finally convinced us that we could take no more in Bristol. The feeling is horrible thinking of these b------ds in the house while you sleep. We were lucky that we were in a position to escape to a better place.
    Derek and Marian

  2. I certainly will Derek.

    It is amazing that as society lurches onwards that we still suffer from sneaky thieves and yobs.

    Man is a wondrous animal.


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