Monday, 13 August 2007

Famous for Five Minutes

Diligent readers will be aware that prior to setting off, Podcast Bob, the driving force behind - the UK's leading lightweight on-line gear outlet - very kindly recorded a podcast (a sort of download-able radio interview) with me. If you don't remember you should be ashamed of yourselves and stand in the corner.

Now then, now you are suitably abashed I can let you find that interview to refresh your memory here

That was back in February 2007.

Well, Bob caught me again after about 1150 miles of the walk when I was in Braemar for the first time (Braemar is so good I visited it twice) and you can hear the resulting second interview by clicking here and then finding 'TGO Challenge 2007 Part 9' and clicking on 'Download'

It's all good fun.

Whilst you are listening to the show you could browse through Bob's excellent emporium and discover the Aladdin's Cave that is!


  1. Alan,
    this was a great podcast. I really did enjoy the interview. I would disagree with you on one point. Before you went you showed me great hospitality and generousity before you went on the walk. I think the qualities you describe finding about yourself, where there already. Else you wouldn't of been so kind to me.

  2. Another groovy cast from Bob, and he seemed to catch you at just the right time when you were able to reflect out loud about the way the walk had affected you personally. That's the sort of things I prefer to find out about, and all respect to you for your honesty and strength in being prepared to talk about it all. Gear reviews are great, but its the way the we get affected by what we do that is the real lesson of the outdoors IMHO.

    BTW Braemar twice? When are you going to finally admit the whole LEJOG thing was actually your attempt to nip out to the shops for 20 fags. But you took a wrong turn and spent the next few months visiting every pub and cafe along the way looking for a cigarette machine that still takes florins?

  3. Hi Alan

    I enjoyed listening to your interview with Bob in the Fife.

    Did you hear the shorter one he did with me, where I told my Challenge sheep story?

    Anyway, I hope you are settled back into homelife again now, but not spending too much time on your settee!?

    David Albon


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