Saturday, 11 August 2007

Bloggers Weekend

This is very Welsh Wales.

Now look you here, boyo, see.

This is an Outdoor Bloggers meet and huge distances have been travelled for the Bloggers to be here - on the Black Mountain. This is not a carbon friendly meet!

We have:

  • Aktoman (that's Duncan) from Aberdeen
  • Gayle & Mick from the Midlands
  • Darren from the Home Counties
  • Geoff from Oxfordshire
  • Dawn from London
  • Ali & Lay (our Welsh contingent)
  • Mike the Chef from Sussex
  • Bob & Rose from Malvern

All are Outdoor Bloggers (apart from Bob & Rose - but they are podcasters so are included) and there is an amazing selection of kit on show here today!

We are camped up beneath Fan Brycheiniog just above Llyn y Fan Fawr. We can see the Black Mountains and the Beacons themselves over to the east and the weather is calm. Last night, with no moon, there were stunningly clear views of the Milky Way above us with a fireworks display of meteor showers to enliven the whisky fest.

There is a blizzard of tents and tarps on show, with all manner of stoves, all banging out delicious meals.

The weather has been kind to us today; walking in shirtsleeves on the ridge in light breezes. Huge mileages have been achieved today - all of four miles perhaps, but four of the more wonderful miles - the trip up to the ridge we were alone then along the top it was like a Saturday in Cambridge - but everyone here was full of smiles and glowing with health.

A lovely escape back to my wilderness world with a bunch of like-minded souls.

There will be more about his when I return home.


  1. It was nice to have met you, Alan, and thanks for the pitching tips.

  2. I've gotta come along to one of these before long. Sounds very enlightening! As a Welshman myself I admire the spirit of anybody willing to pitch a tarp in the Black Mountains!!


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