Friday, 31 August 2007

TGO Challenge 2008

As reported below, Lord Elpus has refurbished & fettled Doodlecat - his excellent website concerning all matters TGO Challenge.

Which brings me nicely to this posting. Lord E and I have had a bit of a chat and have decided to have another bash at the TGO Challenge next year, walking together. Now we have walked together before; the last time was a real whopper of a trip, with long hard days over very wild terrain at the start, a nice bout of food poisoning from the Wrong Type Of Chocolate, the discovery of a Dead Body (yes, really) in a remote corrie, a retreat from a dangerous clamber up the Wrong Type Of Snow and an epic long hike over the Lairig Ghru for a pint in Braemar before Closing Time. Yet he has still agreed to walk with me. He's made of the right stuff, is Lord Elpus.

I have started at all the possible start points, apart from Ardrishaig, and so I am letting him choose the start point as he still has a few start points left to tick off. (The start points won't be ticked off with me starting there, I hasten to add - I am a nice chap - they will be delighted to see me again)

Then its the route thing again - what sort of route do we want? A social one? A long one? A BIG one (Lots of hills) or a little one (going through all the passes). Where do we want to finish on the east coast? (There was talk of a rubbish dump - that would be better than the finish of Offa's Dyke at Prestatyn)

All these decisions to be made. The application form comes out on the 6th September in the October edition of TGO Magazine, so we shall have to start putting our thinking caps on along with the other 400 or so people who will be applying for the 300 places on the event.

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