Saturday, 1 September 2007

Another Outdoors Blogger

I am a little late in finding this excellent blog - Backpacking in Britain so please excuse me if you have already found it.

Geoff writes an interesting blog and has just been through an overhaul of his backpacking kit, getting the weight down quite a bit on his shelter and sleep system.

But (I know you should never start a sentence with 'But', Marian, let alone a paragraph!) there is a really striking account with wonderful photographs of a four day traverse of the Arans -Dyfi Hills and Cadair Idris and another trip through the Lakes. He hides these gems behind links after a brief description of the walks - they are well worth the exploration.

I thoroughly recommend a detailed exploration of Geoff's excellent blog.

He is also an excellent chap who has helped me put right getting the larger images of my pictures of Northwest Scotland found here and here


  1. Thats ut you tell her Alan! I get the same treatment as you very often!

  2. No, but you can start a sentence now with 'no but'.


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