Saturday, 29 September 2007

Daryl May's Big Walk

Whilst I was preparing for my own Land's End to John O'Groats Walk I 'met' through the good auspices of Mark Moxon's wonderful site a chap the other side of the pond who was also preparing to do the same at roughly the same time as me.

His name was Daryl and it turned out that Daryl, a naturalised American, started out in life as a Brit in good old Bighty! Daryl loaded all his maps and B&B lists onto his PDA and used that to get him from one end of Britain to the other.

His was a different walk in character to mine, but his tale is laid out splendidly on his new website He was 63 years old and set out with his boots and PDA and had a brilliant time.

I have just spent a wonderfully entertaining day reading through it and I recommend it to you all as a great read.

I will also add Daryl to my links section 'Great Places to Visit' so you can read it in chunks easily if you wish.


  1. Thanks for the link (which, incidentally, doesn't work in the clickety sense - you've got a spurious full stop).

    Having just perused Day 1 of his adventure, I can see that it's going to be a jolly good read that's going to keep me occupied for some time (darn - something else to distract me from my own planning!).

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the spurious full stop Gayle. Punctuaton was never my strong point!

    I reckon that Daryl has a great read here and should be thinking about turning it into a book.

  3. Daryl replies: Thank you both. It means a lot to me to hear people liked what I've written (after my hiking and website labors). My hike itself was nothing compared with Alan's, though I dare to say that 928 miles is still something in itself. But I do like to write, and my Brit origins gave me some interesting perspectives. For a quick taste of that, see

  4. Another thanks for the link Alan.

    Daryl can certainly put words together creatively and he doesn't pull many punches!

    A most enjoyable account;)

  5. Thanks for the link! Here goes the weekend in another LEJOG reading-fest...


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