Thursday, 4 October 2007

Aktoman aka David Mitchell?

Has anyone else noticed the remarkable similarity between Aktoman and David Mitchell? (see tonight's episode of Mitchell & Webb on BBC2 @ 10:00pm)

Aktoman on the right, on a recent trip to the Gorms

All this talk of bad backs - it's just a smokescreen for his second life at the BBC.David Mitchell posing as Aktoman


  1. Ah! So pleased that you've outed him at last.

  2. LOL.

    Coincidentally, I've actually used the "that's numberwang" line in class when I was taking a class through 8-bit addressing.

  3. webb looks the happier one at the moment

  4. Listen kids, to put everything in context, here's the first report and second report on my day of illness an hour from the trailhead. I may look like a talented comedian, but the unhappy look was fully due to the illness. I mean, I'd got to stay a day in the middle of no-where in Scotland, resting in my Akto only seeing a solitary vehicle drive by every few hours. What wasn't there to be happy about ... apart from the agony that I was in.

  5. Suffering - It's what the bloggers do best! Suffering for their art.....



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